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GREIFEN-FLEISCH GmbH - a company with a long and proud history

Welcome to Greifen-Fleisch GmbH in the beautiful Hanseatic city of Greifswald, in the heart of Vorpommern.
We live and work where others spend their holidays. Our many regular customers and the visiting tourists enjoy our tasty and unique range of sausages.
The TV advertisement on the “About us” page gives an insight into our modern, artisan meat business.

Our firm was set up over 125 years ago, originally as a slaughterhouse. Nearly twelve million marks were then invested in developing and modernising the premises after privatisation in 1992. Over the years from 2004 to 2006, Greifen-Fleisch GmbH underwent major restructuring and this was followed by year-on-year investment in modernisation and expansion.

Greifen-Fleisch’s success is based on a combination of traditional skills, advanced technology, the development of our own products and, of course, our committed staff. The great flavours and excellent product quality we offer are valued by our wide customer base.

Greifen-Fleisch produces forty tonnes of sausage every week. Our products range from bockwurst and wiener to grützmettwurst sausage (with pig offal and buckwheat), streichmettwurst cured smoked sausage and cured ham and bacon. We produce a total of 55 different types of sausage.
Our highly trained production team, a combination of experience and youth, ensures we meet the strict personnel and product hygiene requirements applicable in our business.
Staff motivation and development is and will remain a guarantee for the quality and flavour of our products. Many who learned their trade at Greifen-Fleisch are still part of our team here today.

The company is a winner of the gold “Preis der Besten” award from the German Agricultural Society DLG. This award goes to producers who continuously offer excellent product quality over a number of years.

Greifen-Fleisch GmbH therefore has an excellent reputation in the Vorpommern region and beyond. The company currently employs a workforce of over 70. For the future, the management’s goals are to secure all existing jobs and to achieve even greater customer acceptance. We are also considering expanding our export business. We already export to Scandinavia.


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