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All of our sausage products are fresh every day, and stringent quality standards apply in all areas of our business. Our staff must meet strict personnel and workplace hygiene requirements. Our highly trained and committed sausage production team are all passionate about their job, and most learned their trade with us. Excellent traditional and exciting new recipes with premium spices are the secret behind our products’ superb flavour.

Our quality assurance officer, Ms Petra Stein, monitors compliance with the applicable statutory regulations on food production and our own internal targets. The goods we produce are tested (tasted) every day.

Our business follows the quality and hygiene standards defined in DIN EN ISO 9001. We have been certified and recertified in accordance with this standard since 1999.

We are engaged in an ongoing partnership with the independent testing institute BIOSERV AG in Rostock. BIOSERV conducts analyses and assessments on our products.

Annual awards for our products from the German Agricultural Society (Deutsche Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft e.V.) based on tests by independent assessors are testimony to our success.

In 2006, we received the gold “Preis der Besten” award. This prize is for producers who have continuously provided excellent product quality for several years in a row.

Prize-winning products in 2011 Hier finden Sie unsere prämierten Spitzenerzeugnisse des Jahres 2011...

Prize-winning products in 2012 Hier finden Sie unsere prämierten Spitzenerzeugnisse des Jahres 2012...

Prize-winning products in 2013 Hier finden Sie unsere prämierten Spitzenerzeugnisse des Jahres 2013...

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