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Our business today


Respect for traditional methods and quality, professional skill and excellent seasoning are typical aspects of "Pommersche Fleisch- und Wurstspezialitäten" - Pommern meat and sausage speciality - production.

Six million euros have been invested in our fully redeveloped production facility, which is housed in a gothic brick building dating from 1889. Our modern and long-established business combines tradition with stringent hygiene and environmental standards.


Our butcher’s business is in the heart of Vorpommern, not far from the beautiful islands of Rügen and Usedom and their popular Baltic Sea beaches.

We use traditional production techniques and modern technology, drawing on our cutting-edge production expertise.

Our highly qualified young production team ensures that we meet the strict personnel and product hygiene requirements applicable in our trade. Staff motivation and development is and will remain a guarantee for the quality and flavour of our products.


Production site in Lychen.
Pork and beef butchery, and sales outlet for fresh meat and meat and sausage products.
Production site in Templin.
Small factory producing local Uckermark ham and sausage specialities.
Located on the holiday island of Usedom.
Delicatessen production, primarily beef roulade, cabbage roulade and other specialities.
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