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Specialist salesperson


Salespeople in food retail businesses are the key link between the business with its range of goods and services and the customers with their needs and wishes. Specialist salespeople are qualified professionals with an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the production process and product characteristics for the products supplied by their business. They have food psychology training and ensure professional compliance with the provisions of the applicable statutory regulations (e.g. the Hygieneverordnung [German statutory hygiene regulations] and all applicable quality standards).


  • Realschule school leaving certificate or higher qualification. The period of training can be reduced by six months for trainees with an Abitur [A-Level equivalent]. A six-month reduction is also possible for those who excel over the course of training. A reduction of 1 year is possible after completion of a basic vocational training year or a one-year programme at a food trade vocational college [Berufsfachschule für das Nahrungsmittelhandwerk].
  • Physical fitness and stamina, in particular strong legs and back, as you will be on your feet most of the time.
  • Neat, professional appearance and good hygiene awareness
  • The ability to work in a team; to adapt, work together, and help colleagues. Flexibility and the ability to make compromises. Focus on performance; initiative; team spirit; ability to think ahead and see what needs to be done. Reliability and a willingness to learn. Personal initiative and the ability to accept and learn from constructive criticism.
  • For minors, the initial medical certificate [ärztliche Erstuntersuchung]. A valid health certificate [Gesundheitszeugnis] in accordance with the Bundesseuchengesetz [German Federal Act on the Control of Communicable Diseases]

Schedule for training
The training programme is monitored by the Handwerkskammer (Trades Chamber) and is taken in the dual system (= training in a business and at vocational college). Training is governed by the Berufsbildungsgesetz and, if the trainee is not yet 18 years of age, the Jugendarbeitsschutzgesetz [German Youth Employment Act].

Trainees learn the theory and gain a general basic training at vocational college. The vocational college for the Greifswald area is the Berufliche Schule des Landkreises Uecker-Randow in Pasewalk.

Working hours

Monday to Saturday with one free day a week. For minors (trainees under the age of 18): a maximum of 40 hours a week. For trainees over the age of 18: 39 hours plus ½ hour preparation and ½ hour tidying up each day. The day at the vocational college counts as a working day.

Further information on the profession of qualified salesperson [Fachverkäufer] is available from the employment agency.
Applicants wishing to train for the profession of qualified salesperson in the food trade should send us a written application with their c.v., their most recent certificate and a photograph.

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