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The butcher’s profession has changed enormously over recent years. Hard physical labour is no longer the defining aspect of everyday work. Instead, the focus is now on creative tasks such as procurement, the selection of raw materials, processing, producing meat and sausage specialities and ready dishes, platters and the catering service. Butchering itself, once mandatory for all those training in the trade, is now one of three specialisms open to trainees. The other two are:
  • Sales
  • Delicatessen and preserves

In the various qualification units from which trainees at Greifen-Fleisch GmbH choose, they learn how to produce meat and sausage products in a hygienic modern production environment. Personal protective and hygienic clothing is provided by the company free of charge. The job of butcher is a recognised occupation requiring accredited vocational training in accordance with the Handwerksordnung [German Trades Code] and the Berufsbildungsgesetz [German Vocational Training Act]. The three-year training period is spent largely in the training business and at vocational college. At Greifen-Fleisch GmbH, we offer traineeships for the specialism “Production of meat and sausage products”. Our trainees learn butchery skills at the point of sale, and how to produce meat and sausage products.


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